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Stateline Article on Cycle Safety

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I appeared in an article on Stateline (ABC television) in Victoria in March 2011.

The same interview but in an extended format was also featured on a program called Contact Sport. You can view it at the following link: ABC TV Contact Sport . The episode was shown on Friday, 22 April and my feature starts 18 min and 10 seconds into the program.

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Bayside Council Vote Was Successful!

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After years of hard work from a number of people some action has been taken by the Bayside City Council to trial a No Stopping Zone on Beach Road here in Melbourne between 6 AM and 10 AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This trial will hopefully s

how that it provides a safer environment for all on weekends as well as better traffic flow, decreased noise and with little impact on local businesses who rely on parking along this route during these times.

It is up to everyone in the cycling community to treat this trial as a privilege and show that cyclist behaviour warrants this ruling reflecting how the road is used at this time. If you are a cyclist please ensure that your behaviour shows that you acknowledge this privilege and use the road with care and consideration for others. This includes motorists, residents, pedestrians and other cyclists.



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Bayside Council Vote – your support is needed

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As you would be aware, City of Port Philip and Kingston have already commenced the 12 month trial of ‘No Stopping’ zones along Beach Rd as a measure to increase cyclist safety.

Bayside council is having a meeting tomorrow night at which there is a proposal that they too join these other councils and approve a trial for a ‘No Stopping’ zone along Route 33 (Beach Rd). There is a group of residents who are highly organised, highly vocal and highly against this ‘No Stopping’ zone so we need to get a large number of supporters of the ‘No Stopping’ zone to attend and speak in favour of the proposal.

You can speak for 3 minutes but something as simple as “I support the recommendation and urge council to proceed with the trial” would be fine too! Please follow the link below to register your request to be heard. This has to be done by 11:00am Tuesday 31st…. so don’t delay – do it now while you remember!!

Once here, you need to enter your name and other details – for the “in relation to Item No” field, please put item number 10.2;  for the “in relation to” description field, please put ‘Route 33 Beach Rd No Stopping Zone’. 

Remember, I can’t benefit from this important safety measure – if you want it, turn up and speak in support of it!

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